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Ordering the tastiest fries on Bistroo

Ordering fresh fries with a dollop of mayonnaise on the side, delicious right? Will you also order a hamburger bun with it? Or do you go for a chicken skewer to go with it? Whatever your choice, order the best fries online at Bistroo!

  1. Enter your location
  2. Choose an eatery with traditional fries
  3. Choose your fries with a delicious sauce
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"Frietjes" or "patat"?

The famous debate in the Netherlands, is it frietjes or patat? What do you call it? Neither are wrong. It depends on where you live. If you say friet, you are very likely to be from the south of the Netherlands. But if you say patat, you are very likely to be from the middle or north of the Netherlands. This is because of our Belgian neighbors. They call a patat a raw potato and by fries they mean a fried potato. Whatever you say, as long as you can enjoy your fries or patat!

Ordering fries online

French fries come in many forms. You have french fries, curly fries, ribbed fries, and so on. Not to mention all the delicious snacks that go with them. And also those delicious sauces that go with them! Whether you want to order normal fries, large fries or small fries. Bistroo has a wide range to satisfy your hunger! Did we make you hungry for fresh fries, but you don't know what kind of fries you want to order? We've listed a few options for you:

  • Special fries
  • French fries with mayonnaise
  • French fries with satay sauce
  • French fries with topping, think of minced meat
  • French fries
  • French fries

The advantages of ordering fries from Bistroo

Are you a big fries eater? Bistroo makes it easy to order the tastiest fries online. Simply enter your details and we'll show you a list of the best restaurants in your area that prepare the tastiest fries for you! They deliver the fries to your home or pick up your delicious fries yourself.

With Bistroo you order the most delicious fries with that tasty snack in a few easy steps. When, where and how you want. You can expect great customer service at all times. Bistroo doesn't charge super high fees. So you and the restaurant can be sure of a fair price.

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