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Friet, also known as "patat" in the Netherlands, is a beloved dish that many Eindhoven residents have been eating since childhood. Baking fries yourself, frozen fries from the supermarket, in the Airfryer, fries are prepared and eaten in many ways. But one of the - if not the - tastiest ways to eat a French fry is when you order one at the French fry shop. Fries are a national symbol of enjoyment and comfort food that we could not live without. Fortunately, we don't have to, because Eindhoven has many fries tents where you can order fries.

How to order fries in Eindhoven

The most convenient way to order fries in Eindhoven is through online ordering platforms such as Bistroo. Through the website or app you get access to a wide range of snack bars and fries joints that deliver fries. You can view menus, compare prices and read reviews before placing your order. Gestel, Tongelre, Stratum or Woensel, on Bistroo you will find fries tents from every district.

Ordering the best fries in Eindhoven

Where can you order the best fries in Eindhoven? Of course there is no accounting for taste, but we would like to highlight a number of fries joints where you can order very good fries.

  1. Friture Martin Zwerts
    Since many years a household name in Eindhoven. Friture Martin Zwerts at the Boschdijk makes delicious fresh fries, which people from all over the Netherlands come to Eindhoven for.
  2. Automatics Marks
    For over 60 years you can order the best fries and snacks at this vending machine in the center of Eindhoven.
  3. Jordys Plaza
    At Jordys Plaza in Woensel you can order not only fries, but also delicious hamburgers and dishes. Do you like frikandel, but eat halal? Jordys Plaza sells traditional fries snacks, but halal.
  4. The Frietbar Centrum
    Fresh sandwiches, delicious fries and delicious loaded fries. For example, try their Indonesian Rendang fries, tasty!
  5. Guilty Pleasures
    Guilty Pleasures on Gestelsestraat makes their snacks and dishes as much as possible with local ingredients. We like the fries from Guilty Pleasures very much!
  6. Restaria 't Hof
    Located on the Boschdijk, Restaria 't Hof has a wide range of snacks. A real snack bar, where your Sunday night fries are in good hands.

Where can you order the cheapest large fries in Eindhoven?

You can order the cheapest large fries in Eindhoven at Automatiek Marks. This is a large fries without mayonnaise. Restaria 't Hof is the fries shop that has the second cheapest large fries on the menu. For €3.85 you can order a large fries there. The straggler is Nehir Kebab, which has the most expensive large fries on the menu at €6.00. We are very curious to see what special fries you get for that!

Automatics Marks
€ 3,25
Restaria 't Hof
€ 3,85
Guilty Pleasures
€ 3,90
Friture Martin Zwerts
€ 3,95
The fries bar Centrum
€ 4,95
Nehir Kebab
€ 6,00

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