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Use Bistroo

  • How does it work?

    You can order at restaurants or markets through the website. By entering your address you can see which restaurants or markets in your neighbourhood deliver or are available for takeaway. Now you can pick your dishes and place your order.

    When a restaurant receives your order they will prepare your order and pack it carefully. Meanwhile, you can make your way to the restaurant to pick up your order or if you've chosen for delivery a deliverer will find its way to you with your order.

    With some restaurants it's possible to place your order in advance.

  • What sort of restaurants can I find on Bistroo?
    The offering of restaurants in your neighbourhood is selected with love and care. The offering is very diverse: from luxury sandwiches or salads for lunch to the best roasted chicken or burgers for dinner.
  • At what times can I place an order?
    Each restaurant and market can decide for itself when they allow new orders. Also the time of pick-up and delivery is dependent of the opening times of the restaurant or market. Through the marketplace it is automatically shown which restaurant or market is open for delivery.
  • How is food delivered to me?
    When you've placed your order it is instantly sent to the restaurant to prepare it and pack it. When your delivery is ready it will be delivered by a deliverer from the restaurant (if you've chosen for this option and the option is made available by the restaurant) or you can pick it up in the restaurant.
  • Is there a minimum order amount?
    The minimum order amount may differ per restaurant. When there's a minimum order amount you will see this when placing your order at a restaurant.
  • Do you charge the same prices as the restaurant in the restaurant?
    We encourage restaurants to use the same price on our platform as in the restaurant. However, restaurants are free to determine what price they ask on Bistroo, so the price may differ.
  • Can I pre-order an order?
    You can pre-order at some restaurants and markets. Usually a few hours in advance and some sellers choose to let you order a few days in advance as well.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    Certainly! Choose 'Pickup' when searching for restaurants or markets or during the ordering process and you will see all restaurants and markets where you can pick up.
  • How is the food packaged?

    Packaging depends on the food and restaurant you order from. Our restaurants ensure that the correct packaging is used to maintain the correct temperature and quality for as long as possible.

    If you have any suggestions regarding our packaging, please contact us at klantenservice@bistroo.nl or contact the restaurant directly.

My orders

  • What if there is something wrong with my order?

    We have a dedicated team that monitors your Bistroo experience from the moment you place an order to the moment you receive it.

    Although we always keep an eye on your order, something can go wrong. If this is the case, you can contact our customer service through klantenservice@bistroo.nl or through the chat.

  • What if I forgot to add something to my order?
    The fastest way is to contact the restaurant directly, they will indicate how they want to process your addition. You can also reach our customer service via chat or via klantenservice@bistroo.nl and we will do our best to want to add to the order.
  • What if my order is late?
    Your order may be delayed. If this happens, the restaurant will notify you.
  • What if I'm not there when my delivery person arrives?
    If you expect that you will not be able to be at the delivery address in time to receive your order, please let the restaurant know. The restaurant decides how to handle this further with you.

About Bistroo

  • What is Bistroo?
    Bistroo's mission is to give you the same experience at home as you would have in a restaurant. We partner with the best restaurants, both local and international, and have a lot of plans on the shelf to make home delivery and takeout special.
  • What is the story behind Bistroo?
    The founder of Bistroo was fed up. The unfairness and imbalances that exist in the food market where the price is often determined by one central party, the price that is most favorable for them, of course. There is hardly any money left over for the parties that really care about their business and food; the entrepreneurs, the chefs, the producers, the home chefs. Bistroo is here for them. Bistroo was founded to promote transparency and fairness in this market. And you benefit from that as well.

More questions

  • What if I have allergies?
    If you have allergies and are concerned about a particular menu item, please read the 'Restaurant info' section in the restaurant menu and contact the restaurant directly for more information. You can provide additional information with your order, but call the restaurant in advance to make sure they can take your allergy into account.
  • When will you have restaurants near me?
    We are growing fast and hopefully working soon with restaurants near you! In the meantime, you can also order from the affiliated markets, which often deliver throughout the Netherlands.
  • Is there a Bistroo app?

    Yes, the app is available for both iOS and Android, click below to download the app for your platform:


  • What happens when I have an ongoing question or complaint?

    Our customer service team will help you with your questions or complaints. Send us an email at klantenservice@bistroo.nl or contact us through chat.

  • How do I contact you?

    We have dedicated teams who support our customers, restaurant partners and market partners. Send us an email at klantenservice@bistroo.nl or contact us through chat.

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