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About Bistroo

With Bistroo we offer a SaaS total solution for online orders for restaurateurs. This allows entrepreneurs to easily set up and maintain their own online sales channels in a simple way. Even when multiple online channels are served or multiple locations are used.

With the aim of growing the number of online orders, but in a profitable and sustainable way for the entrepreneur. Based on clear costs and a greatly improved margin for the entrepreneur on every online order.

Our solution

Bistroo products


€ 29,- per month

Do you already have a lot of brand awareness and a good website? Don't pay commission for customers who come through your website. We keep it fair.

  • Everything from the Marketplace package
  • No commission on self-submitted orders
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€ 38,- per month

No time or knowledge to create your own website? With this package you get one from us, secured and managed for a competitive price.

  • Everything from Marketplace and Webshop packages
  • Webdomain
  • Webhosting


€ 29,- per month

Taking orders has never been easier. Let your guests easily order via their phone.

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Manage your online restaurant or webshop and get customers through our marketplace. No orders? No costs!

Online payments & administratoin

All payments for orders, but also for Bistroo's services, can be fully automated and online. This means there is no additional administrative burden and entrepreneurs are relieved of the burden of paying for the business services they purchase from Bistroo. The money from the orders is immediately deposited into the entrepreneur's online account, and this means that there is always certainty of payment prior to delivery of the order.

Benefits of a sales partner

Earn great rewards with every affiliated customer and on top of that, performance-based bonuses when achieving milestones within the Partner program. We maximize your results through detailed lead sharing, management of the work areas of the various partners, talking & closing points for every type of customer and sharing our lead classification so that you always know in advance how to start the conversation for maximum results.