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Grow your online orders effortlessly, while maintaining full autonomy of your restaurant. With our full-service product suite you can serve your customers via any online channel! Get your own web page, with webshop integration, and list your restaurant on our Marketplace for more exposure. We follow all the latest tech trends, so you don't have to. You handle the food, we handle all the nerdy stuff.

All advantages that will make you life easier least the processing of orders


Process more online orders

Both from existing, loyal customers and new customers.


Everything can be managed with ease

You're the boss. Adjust your menu and prices in real time.


Serve every relevant channel

When customers order through new channels, we are on top of it!


Optimize your operation

Restaurants on Bistroo process up to 20% more orders in the same time.


Maximize your output

Set a maximum number of orders per 15 minutes. Prevent chaos, continue to receive orders.


Increase your online turnover

Cross-sell with ease. “Would you like fries with that?”


Integrate with 3 party applications

Such as Deliverect, Stripe and more

Join the many other entrepreneurs who are already using Bistroo

In 3 steps to your
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Step 1

Create your Bistroo Merchant account.

Step 2

Link your Stripe account.

Step 3

Upload your menu and recipes.

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A suitable package for every entrepreneur

Bistroo Marketplace

Manage your online restaurant or webshop and get customers through our marketplace. No orders? No costs!

  • No cure, no pay
  • Attract new customers
  • Profit from Bistroo marketing

Bistroo Webshop

Do you already have a lot of brand awareness and a good website? Don't pay commission for customers who come through your website. We keep it fair.

  • € 29,- per month
  • No commission over your own customers

Bistroo Page

No time or knowledge to create your own website? With this package you get one from us, secured and managed for a competitive price.

  • € 9,- per month
  • Full landing page
  • Own domain incl. hosting
Bistroo QR

Bistroo QR

Taking orders has never been easier. Let your guests easily order via their phone.

  • Terrace solution
  • QR stickers
  • Linked to Bistroo checkout module

These companies went before you

And have something to tell you

Liberty Foodbar

Liberty Foodbar


“Bistroo is super simple and super effective; in no time you will have a full food store online and you can do what you want to do again; make your guests happy with delicious food (and drinks)! The commission they charge is very reasonable and the platform is very intuitive. If something needs to be fixed or something doesn't work, the people at Bistroo think along and act quickly!”




“Since we started working with Bistroo, we have seen our to-go numbers increase, which is great! If something doesn't go well, the team is easily accessible and they solve the problem immediately. This is switching gears in 2023, great! XTRA-SOCIAL hopes to see the number of orders increase for a long time to come.”



Den Haag

“Bistroo has proven to be the perfect partner in the search for an ordering platform for Beesechurgers. There is a clear and user-friendly website for guests and the opportunity for management to quickly switch to current discounts and promotions. The changes in the menu are easy to adjust and access to the financial insights is also pleasant. There's a good customer service whenever we have a question.”

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