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Why Bistroo?


Fair prices

Honesty is the best policy. Grow your business and let even more people enjoy your specialties.


Full control

Your company, you decide. Easily adjust your products and menus, description, prices, anything.


Paid immediately

You sell your products. So you get paid immediately the moment an order is placed.

Gain insight through the backoffice

Through a useful backoffice you have full control over your customers, payouts, refunds, menus and promotion tools. You are the true owner of the process again. We provide the infrastructure and useful tools.

Grow your business

With coupons and themed discounts you can set up and launch your own campaigns to attract new customers or you can reward your loyal visitors with a discount on their next order. This way you improve the loyalty of your customers.

New menu? Customize it right away

Adjust the offer of your online shop and the changes will be implemented instantly. Leftover portions, new options or attributes and temporary discounts are easily configured and help you to sell your stock in time.

Adjust to your own taste

Have you had new photos taken? A new logo? It's modified in no-time. You manage the look & feel of your store through the dashboard. It is your story that you convey to your customers through bistroo.

Receive payments through your own payment provider

Link your Mollie.com account and manage your own financial administration and payments. You will be paid for every order directly via bistroo on mollie.com. You decide when this money is paid to your business bank account.

Connect with the systems you already know

Connect to the marketing platforms and POS systems you already work with and the process becomes even more efficient. We are constantly adding new integrations, view all integrations.

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland supports us

We work with KHN because we are seen as the alternative to the online ordering market for their members. You can read more information about our collaboration on our own KHN.nl/bistroo page.

Read about our collaboration »

These entrepreneurs already sell through Bistroo

Qarc Zuivel, Eindhoven

“Thanks to our collaboration with Bistroo.nl, we can offer our products directly to consumers. This keeps our prices competitive and we know what our customers want.”

Qarc Zuivel, Eindhoven
Team Lunch & More, Eersel

“During the crisis, we started ordering online through Bistroo. We have joined forces and this brings a lot of peace. Thanks to Bistroo, we have fewer telephone orders and faster checkout. So we will certainly continue with this.”

Team Lunch & More, Eersel
Dick van Gerwen, Liberty Foodbar Bladel

“Bistroo is super simple and super effective; in no time you will have a full food store online and you can do what you want to do again; make your guests happy with delicious food (and drinks)! The commission they charge is very reasonable and the platform is very intuitive. If something needs to be fixed or something doesn't work, the people at Bistroo think along and act quickly!”

Dick van Gerwen, Liberty Foodbar Bladel
WIBA Horeca (Woest, Frietkot by Woest & Bij de Neut)

“We have been able to set up a nice collaboration. We were looking for a way to easily provide our service to our guests. Thanks to this collaboration between Bistroo and WiBa Horeca, our guests can now easily enjoy our service and products at home.”

WIBA Horeca (Woest, Frietkot by Woest & Bij de Neut)
Marieke van Loon, XTRA-SOCIAL

“Since October 8, the orders have been coming in at lightning speed and, especially in these difficult times for a starting entrepreneur, the extra turnover is more than welcome. We even had to take the portal offline, because the crowds were almost unbearable. I thank Bas for trying to onboard us several times, because we are already happy with our choice! On to many more orders!”

Marieke van Loon, XTRA-SOCIAL
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