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Cash register system for the hospitality industry

Mr. Winston

Mr. Winston

POS system for the hospitality industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commission?

We currently charge 5% commission, excluding VAT.

Are you going to make the commission so high in the future as well?

No, we promise to always stay below 10% commission in the future, but at the same time have the ambition to get the commission lower. It is an important competitive point for us and we have plans to minimize the reliance of our business model on the commission. This allows us to continue to compete with a good but fairly priced infrastructure.

Are there onboarding costs?

No, it is free to open your shop on the marketplace. There are only costs if a sell order takes place.

How long does it take to get started?

When we receive your menu and you have a working account, onboarding within one working day is the standard.

How do we receive the orders in the restaurant?

The default options are to receive the order in a mailbox, as a notification via the Bistroo dashboard, optional receipt printer for the kitchen and an SMS function. The notifications can be set to your preference.

What about the payments?

All payments on the Bistroo platform are direct and immediate. A retailer receives the amount of the order immediately and in full into his/her account at the time of ordering and payment by the buyer. skims off its commission, including 21% VAT on the service provided.

How do I handle the administrative process?

After each month you will receive a VAT invoice on which all transactions of the past period are listed, which commission has been deducted and whether there is still an outstanding amount to pay manually. For example, when a receipt printer has been purchased. If there are no optional costs, this invoice can be booked in full for VAT and sales administration, but also fully paid. Register and you're done!

What makes your solution different?

Our solution empowers the seller to be a process owner and feel like an entrepreneur again. We provide all the support and tools to regain your entrepreneurial freedom online. The back-office dashboard offers all functionalities to own your process. Manage your menu, discounts, promotions, prices, (re)payments and customers in real-time in a user-friendly and easy interface.

How do handle requests from business customers?

Because we built the entire solution ourselves and made it as flexible as possible, we have a lot of flexibility in developing new features. In recent months, after the launch, it has regularly happened that we have converted practical feedback from users into additional and new functionalities. Often at very short notice!

How did you arrange support & service?

With us it's all about the experience of buying food online. This should also be reflected in the support & service you provide. With telephone contact, submitting a chat, sending an app or email to your contact person, you always receive personal contact and direct attention. We like to learn from the feedback of our customers and if there is something you struggle with in the process, we are here for you!

Do you also do delivery?

No, at the moment we don't have any riders on the platform. For the fresh products we work together with Trunkrs, which gives us national coverage on same- and next-day delivery for fresh and grocery items. We expect to link more different variants of logistics services to the platform in the future, including riders for prepared meals.

Qarc Zuivel, Eindhoven

“Thanks to our collaboration with, we can offer our products directly to consumers. This keeps our prices competitive and we know what our customers want.”

Qarc Zuivel, Eindhoven
Team Lunch & More, Eersel

“During the crisis, we started ordering online through Bistroo. We have joined forces and this brings a lot of peace. Thanks to Bistroo, we have fewer telephone orders and faster checkout. So we will certainly continue with this.”

Team Lunch & More, Eersel
Dick van Gerwen, Liberty Foodbar Bladel

“Bistroo is super simple and super effective; in no time you will have a full food store online and you can do what you want to do again; make your guests happy with delicious food (and drinks)! The commission they charge is very reasonable and the platform is very intuitive. If something needs to be fixed or something doesn't work, the people at Bistroo think along and act quickly!”

Dick van Gerwen, Liberty Foodbar Bladel
WIBA Horeca (Woest, Frietkot by Woest & Bij de Neut)

“We have been able to set up a nice collaboration. We were looking for a way to easily provide our service to our guests. Thanks to this collaboration between Bistroo and WiBa Horeca, our guests can now easily enjoy our service and products at home.”

WIBA Horeca (Woest, Frietkot by Woest & Bij de Neut)
Marieke van Loon, XTRA-SOCIAL

“Since October 8, the orders have been coming in at lightning speed and, especially in these difficult times for a starting entrepreneur, the extra turnover is more than welcome. We even had to take the portal offline, because the crowds were almost unbearable. I thank Bas for trying to onboard us several times, because we are already happy with our choice! On to many more orders!”

Marieke van Loon, XTRA-SOCIAL
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